Senior Patrol Leader Handbook

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Senior Patrol Leader Handbook

Front cover of the 2019 edition[1]
First edition:© 2002
Latest edition:© 2018, 2018 Printing[1]
BSA Supply Number:647789
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As the official handbook for senior patrol leaders (SPL), the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook is a guide to leading troop and patrol activities. Completely revised for 2019, the handbook is an important resource for youth troop leaders, providing a valuable framework for the presentation of an effective Scouting program. The SPL is the primary link between a troop’s Scouts and its adult leaders.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Senior Patrol Leader Qualifications
  3. Building Troop Spirit
  4. The Troop Program
  5. Running A Good Troop Meeting
  6. Leading the Troop Beyond the Meeting Room
  7. How To Be A Good Senior Patrol Leader
  8. The Troop Leadership Team

Previous editions

Senior Patrol Leader Handbook editions
Edition[2] Title Cover Published Doc. No. SKU Notes
1st The Senior Patrol Leader Handbook © 2002-2008 32501 32501
2nd Senior Patrol Leader Handbook © 2017
2017 Printing
32501 633362
3rd Senior Patrol Leader Handbook © 2018
2018 Printing[1]

Prior to the publication, in 2002, of The Senior Patrol Leader Handbook, BSA published two other guides that covered leadership in general, including at the troop and patrol level.

Title Cover Published Notes
Patrol and Troop Leadership Handbook © 1972
7 Printings
Junior Leader Handbook © 1990
?? Printings


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Scout Shop first listed this 2019 edition on its website in January 2019 and advertised it as "completely revised for 2019," but the copyright date and first printing are listed as 2018.
  2. BSA does not designate editions for the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook, so these are equivalent editions based on major updates.

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