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The Cub Scout Sign

The Cub Scout sign is made with the right arm held high and straight up above the shoulder, with the index and middle fingers forming a V. The other two fingers are held with the thumb.

The two extended fingers stand for the parts of the Cub Scout Promise, "to help other people" and "to obey." They also stand for the two alert ears of a wolf. This is the sign of Cub Scouts all over the world.

The Cub Scout sign should be given when repeating the Cub Scout Promise or Law of the Pack. It is also used in ceremonies.

The Cub Scout sign can be used to quiet a group of Scouts by their leader. The leader holds up the sign, and as people notice they should stop talking and also hold up the sign. As people notice that others are holding up the sign, they too will join in and the group will grow quiet. There is no need to say "sign's up" as if something is needed to be called out, it could simply be called out without making the sign. Overuse of this technique may tend to water down its ability to work.

Learning the Cub Scout sign is a requirement of the Bobcat Rank.

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