Cub Scout Day Camp

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Since 1968, Cub Scout Day Camps have brought Archery,
BB-Guns, Fishing, Swimming, sports, squirt guns, games,
adventure, and fun to Cub Scout and Webelos Scouts!




BB Guns
BB Guns


Cub Scout Day Camp is fun with a purpose:

  • Boys explore, learn, and grow while having fun outdoors.
  • Boys who attend Day Camp are more likely to stay in Scouting.
  • Day Camps teach citizenship and encourage social development.

In one weekend of Fundraising, you can earn enough in your Individual Account for all of your expenses for the year including Cub Scout Day Camp!

“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”
Robert Baden-Powell


Typical Activities

Day Camp is non-stop FUN! You are always doing something! Typical types of activities might include:

Archery BB-Guns Map and Compass Swimming
Arts & crafts Fishing Softball Ultimate
Badminton Flag Football Slingshots Volleyball
Basketball Geology Squirt guns Wildlife Conservation

The camp that comes to the boy

Day camp is an organized, multiple-day, theme-oriented program for Tiger Cubs and their adult partners, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts. Day camp is conducted by the council/district under trained leadership at an approved site during daylight or early evening hours. Day camps do not include any overnight activities. The day camp program is age-appropriate and theme-based. Den members are supervised by den and pack leaders.
Cub Scout Camping

For Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts

Tiger Cub day camp programs should be geared to the physical and mental abilities of their specific age group. Program session time schedules and activities should be geared specifically for Tiger Cubs, with the involvement of their adult partners. This usually will require adjustment of an existing day camp program geared for Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts.

Approval to conduct a day camp is granted by the council. Training for camp directors and program directors is provided through the National Camping School. All day camps shall be conducted in accordance with established standards as given in National Standards for Local Council Accreditation of Cub Scout/Webelos Scout Day Camps, No. 13-108.

Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines

Check with your council and district leaders for day camp opportunities available in your area.

What do I need to bring?

Check with your own day camp and pack about what they suggest you bring and what items are restricted. In addition, different areas may require that you bring special items. To get you started, here is a general checklist: Camping Checklist.

National Day Camp Standards

Day camp is conducted by trained leadership at an approved site subject to many rules including:
Sample Mandatory Standards
  • M35: The on-site day camp director is at least 21 years old (preferably 25 or older) and has successfully completed National Camping School.
  • M36: The on-site day camp program director is at least 21 years old (preferably 25 or older) and has successfully completed National Camping School.
  • M41: BB-gun shooting is conducted by a qualified on-site range officer, at least 18 years of age. Additional adult supervision and guidance are provided, and minimum state requirements are met. All BB-gun range officers have successfully completed the BB-gun Safety and Training program from a qualified instructor, who is a valid instructor as outlined in Shooting Sports for Cub Scouting, No. 13-550.
  • M46: An orientation (precamp or opening day) has been provided for adult leaders and parent volunteers who accompany Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scout campers.
2008 National Day Camp Standards

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