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Area Commissioner

The area commissioner, whose duties are set forth in the bylaws of the National Council, provides support to all council commissioners in the areas of membership, unit charter renewal, and training in support of commissioner service. The area commissioner is appointed annually for a one-year term, not to exceed three consecutive terms, by the regional president upon recommendation of the area president and regional commissioner. The area commissioner reports to the area president while working closely with the regional commissioner.

The area commissioner shall:

  • Serve as a member of the Area Key 3.
  • Work closely with the regional commissioner, area president, and area director in providing quality commissioner service throughout his or her area in support of local councils.
  • Supervise the activities of commissioner service and preside at any area meetings where council commissioners are in attendance. All meetings of the area commissioners will be held in conjunction with existing meetings within the region/areas.
  • Support council or joint-council commissioner training courses but are not to conduct separate area courses.
  • Encourage communications between the area and council commissioners to ensure that councils provide opportunities for immediate commissioner orientation, frequent basic training, and monthly learning experiences for all commissioners.
  • Support councils in improving unit to commissioner ratios, monthly unit visits, retention of youth and units, and progress toward achieving Journey to Excellence Performance Award status.
  • Maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America and uphold all national policies.
  • Provide direction and support to council commissioners especially related to the membership validation process, unit charter renewal, conducting and tracking unit visits, counseling support related to how to handle particular situations, recruiting and training a full staff of commissioners, and supporting the annual commitment and achievement of the Journey to Excellence Performance Award.
  • Work with the area president to secure the help of area committees in meeting local council needs.

The area commissioner reports on the status of commissioner service to the area regularly:

  • Inspirational stories about successes in local councils.
  • Status of each council in qualifying as a Journey to Excellence Performance Award Council, as it relates to unit visits by commissioners, and the recruiting and training of more commissioners.
  • Rechartering percentage of units to date, by council and area.
  • Retention percentage of youth and units, by council and area.
  • Current ratio of units to registered unit commissioners by council.

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