Venturing Awards and Requirements

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Venturing Awards and Requirements

Cover of Venturing Awards and Requirements
First edition:1st Edition, 2003
Latest edition:2nd Edition, 2016
BSA Supply Number:621970
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A comprehensive source for the requirements of the Venturing awards programs, this is the go-to book for every Venturing Scout ... now with more information than ever before! New edition combines the information previously found in the Venturing Quest Handbook (item 33151), Venturing Trust Handbook (item 33154), and Venturing Ranger Handbook (item 33494).

Information is also provided on many of the other awards and recognitions to alert Venturers to these opportunities, but because these awards are often bestowed by other agencies, the Venturer is encouraged to find the most current requirements from those organizations.

All Venturers should be coached and mentored to begin the awards path. Venturing is a game with a purpose. It should be fun, social, and engaging, but its purpose is to guide Venturers toward their vision of themselves as leaders, adventurers, and faithful stewards of their own resources as well as those we share.

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