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This user is a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.
This user earned the Arrow of Light.
This user earned the Youth Religious Award.
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Order of the Arrow.
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About Me

Youth Scouting

  • Troop 513, Chief Seattle Council
    • Assistant Patrol Leader
    • Patrol Leader
    • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
    • Senior Patrol Leader
    • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
    • Life Scout
    • Camp Brinkley
    • Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
  • Team 513
    • Team Captain
    • I don't "Get" Varsity Scouting
  • Troop 406
    • Camp Parsons
    • Class "A" all week, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing in a Class A uniform!"
  • Order of the Arrow, Hyas Eena Chapter, T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge
    • Ordeal
    • Brotherhood
    • Chapter Chief
    • Dance Team
    • Camp Omache (now Camp Pigott)
    • Long House

Adult Scouting

  • Took too many years to get back involved
  • Troop 441, Utah National Parks Council
    • Committee Member - Finance
    • Scoutmaster (Volunteered in an LDS unit... boy, I wanted a challenge...)
      • Woodbadge W2-591-11-14 Fox Patrol
  • Squaw Peak District/Chapter
    • Chapter Advisor
    • District Committee Member - Camping
  • Skipper, Sea Scout Ship 3 - Neptune
  • Associate Crew Advisor - Crew 51
    • My daughter was getting jealous of my sons and the time they spent with dad doing scout stuff. This lead me to Crew 51, and to Ship 3

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