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Tracking (Centennial merit badge) merit badge has been discontinued. (See discontinued merit badges.)

Tracking "Centennial" merit badge
Status: Discontinued
Released: 2010 BSA Advancement ID: 142
Retired: 2010 Requirements Revision: 2010


The Stalking merit badge was one of the original 57 merit badges issued by the Boy Scouts of America in 1911; it was discontinued in 1952. It was re-released as the Tracking merit badge, for 2010 only, for the Boy Scouts of America's "Centennial" celebration.

Tracking (Centennial merit badge) requirements for 2010 only

  1. Demonstrate by means of a tracking game or otherwise, ability to track skillfully in shelter and wind, etc., showing how to proceed noiselessly and "freeze" when occasion demands.
  2. Know and recognize the tracks of ten different kinds of animals or birds in his vicinity, three of which may be domestic.
  3. Submit satisfactory evidence that he has trailed two different kinds of wild animals or birds on ordinary ground far enough to determine the direction in which they were going, and their gait or speed. Give the names of animals or birds trailed, their direction of travel, and describe gait and speed; or submit satisfactory evidence that he has trailed six different kinds of wild animal or birds in snow, sand, dust, or mud, far enough to determine the direction they were going and their gait or speed. Give names of animals or birds, their direction of travel, and describe gait and speed.
  4. Submit satisfactory evidence that he has tracked a human being and deducted from the trail whether it was man or woman, young or old, the gait or speed, and also give any other information deduced.
  5. Submit evidence that he has scored at least 30 points from the following groups: Group (f) and 4 of the 5 groups (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) must be represented in the score of 30 and at least 7 points must be scored from (a), (b), or (c). Make a clear, recognizable photographs of:
    a. Live bird away from nest – 4 points each
    b. Live woodchuck or smaller wild animal – 3 points each
    c. Live wild animal larger than woodchuck – 4 points each
    d. Live bird on nest – 3 points each
    e. Tracks of live wild animal or bird – 2 points each
    f. Make satisfactory plaster cast of wild animal or bird tracks with identification imprint on back of cast – 2 points each

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