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Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training is the first step in training for all Sea Scout leaders focusing on the skills and attributes necessary to be an effective advisor in the Ship’s deliverance of service to youth in your specific geographic location. It is intended primarily to enhance individual knowledge of and connectivity with the strategic plan, program and resources, while emphasizing personal skills necessary for the development of youth in the Sea Scout program.

Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training is taken online at the BSA Learn Center, which is part of My.Scouting Tools at



The Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training is made up of eight modules:

  1. Sea Scout Getting Started – This module is an introduction to the Sea Scout program covering organization, planning, activities, tour plans and conducting water activities. It is the perfect starting point for anyone with an interest in Sea Scouts.
  2. Starting and Reorganizing Your Ship – How do you organize a ship? What happens during a meeting? What kinds of activities should you pursue? Find the answers to these questions and more in this module.
  3. Planning Your Ships Program – Planning takes many forms in a ship – structural, operational, and activities. This training covers how to guide youth as they develop their program.
  4. Sea Scout Resources – There are many resources available to support the Sea Scout program in the community, your region and nationally. Learn how to locate resources and make use of the partnerships with the boating community.
  5. Sea Scout Youth Leadership Development – Quarterdeck training, needs assessment and goal setting are key objectives of this module, as well as leadership experiences beyond the ship – NYLT, NAYLE and SEAL.
  6. Sea Scout UniformsNew Century, dress whites, crackerjacks, tarflaps? What do you wear and when do your wear it? This module describes uniform options available for ships.
  7. Sea Scout Advancement – Sea Scouts can pursue rank advancement from Apprentice to Quartermaster, but what else is available? Learn about Sea Scout awards, recognitions and ceremonies in this module.
  8. Hazardous Weather Training – This module will cover hazardous weather conditions that Scouts need to plan ahead and steps to take to be prepared.

Optional training

The BSA Learn Center also offers an "Sea Scout Optional Training" program. As the name implies, this training is not required for Sea Scout leaders. There are three modules in this optional training program:

  1. Planning a Long Cruise
  2. Executing a Long Cruise
  3. Journey to Excellence

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