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November 2016

Sea Scouts are their own organization again and are no longer part of Venturing (now Sea Scouts Ships cannot choose their own uniforms, as Venturing Crews can, and there is no longer a possible dual leadership structure of Crew/Ship). The Cub Scout electives are mostly done. Lion Scouts are new. Several awards have changed, notably the Outdoor Ethics awards. The Venturing Leadership Award is once again available for everyone to earn. Cooking, Lifesaving, Photography, and Snow Sports have been updated. 2016 is almost over and soon Boy Scouts will have to use the new rank requirements, updated for each rank.BartHumphries 01:26, November 3, 2016 (EDT)

November 2015

New NYLT patch, & the Trained patch is now also available for youth as well as adults. BartHumphries 14:01, November 7, 2015 (EST)

Base information has been added for the new 2015 Cub Scout changes, and the 2016 Boy Scout changes. The NOVA awards have been updated, and workbooks added. The individual new Cub Scout electives could be moved to their own page now, and the Cub Scout worksheet section needs to be updated. BartHumphries 09:49, November 4, 2015 (EST)

February 15, 2015

Wiki Updates

Advancement changes for rank and merit badges based on the new 2015 Boy Scout Requirements have been completed and the workbooks have been updated, too.

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