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December 2008

Medical Records:

  • The new Medical Records page has everything you need for the new Physical, that replaces the old Class 1, 2, and 3.

Pinewood Derby expanded:

Also see the new Pinewood Derby Drivers Licenses and Pinewood Derby Certificates

Languages added:

  • Every page of MeritBadge.Org is now available in dozens of languages! See Languages for details.

Knots have been expanded:

New Cub Scout Leader Outdoor Training Articles
  • BALOO - In order for a Cub Scout Pack to have a campout, at least one leader must be BALOO trained.
  • Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders - To have a Webelos Den campout, at least one leader should have completed Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders.
  • Basic Leader Training‎ has been converted from a stub to a real page with everything you need.
Other new resources have been added!
  • Flag Ceremonies has been added showing basic opening and closing ceremonies a Cub Scout or Boy Scout can learn.
  • Pack Meeting shows how to have great Pack Meetings and increase attendance by using the BSA program to it's fullest.
  • The Positions of Responsibility have been greatly expanded with positions in Varsity Teams, Venture Crews, etc.

November 2008

New Boy Scout Rank Workbooks added for

Webelos Badge and Webelos Arrow of Light workbooks created and links expanded
Merit Badges Earned is updated & expanded - all 12 pages now in one table. Sortable on any column, links added to every current merit badge.
Emergency Kit and First-Aid Kit - Completely revised with new materials from GSS and new Emergency Preparedness book
Guide to Safe Scouting stub turned into a full article with dozens of links to chapter content
Adult Leader page created - We use some version of this term on over 150 pages but we never explained what it means.
Friends of Scouting page created with printable recourses and a list of 250 companies with matching programs.

October 2008

Just enter on most web enabled cell phones and iPods. Full link:

September 2008

Key new articles included:

August 2008

2009 Boy Scout Requirement Changes Pages and Worksheets update for:

Architecture Emergency Preparedness Insect Study Painting
Automotive Maintenance Engineering Landscape Architecture Pottery
Coin Collecting Farm Mechanics Lifesaving Radio
Drafting Indian Lore Motorboating Swimming

July 2008

Advancement Policies pages added and updated. New navbox created:

Advancement Policies
Advancement (Report) Scouts BSA (Resources) Service Projects
Rules and Regulations First Class-First Year Eagle Scout Project
 What is Scout Spirit?  Scoutmaster Conferences Lifesaving awards
When is a Scout Active? Time Extensions Summer Camp
When is a Scout in Uniform? Boards of Review - Appeals Merit Badges, Events & FAQ
Scouts with Special Needs Advancement Campout  Cub Scouts  (Resources)
Religious Principle Courts of Honor
Books & References  12 Steps From Life to Eagle  Venturing & Sea Scouts  
Click here for Many more Advancement Policies

June 2008

19 May 2008

Registration Temporarily Closed

Registration for is temporarily closed. It will be reopened ASAP.

Please note -- all prospective new members of this web site will be required to have a account. Visit for more information.

Optimist 00:12, May 19, 2008 (EDT)

14 Apr 2008

Server Move Completed is now on a new server... Well, sort of. This is actually the same server has been on for a long time. When we started having trouble with's web host provider, the good folks over at Mansei Design ( immediately rose to the occasion. While they are not giving away their services, they are providing us with a very large discount, essentially around half what we would be charged anywhere else. Please stop by and express your appreciation by giving them your business if you need their services.

Base Address Changed Back

A few months ago we decided to change's base address by moving the web site from the /wiki subdirectory directly to the root. We felt this would give the site a more professional look and feel. What we didn't understand at the time is that there are some really good reasons for keeping a complex piece of internet software in a subdirectory. These reasons became very apparent during the moving process. Because of this, we are returning's directory structure back to its original structure.

Look To The Horizon

If you hadn't noticed, our entire Merit Badge Worksheets area has been restructured as have many other pages. The site's graphics have been improved as well. Many other discussions for web site improvements have been underway and we will all be seeing the fruit's of those discussions shortly. These changes are being initiated by the sysops and several other active members of this wiki. If you like what you see, please let them know by thanking them in our discussion forum. That is also the place to discuss concerns you have about what you see or any ideas you have for improvements.

Optimist 14:39, April 14, 2008 (EDT)

25 Mar 08

We're moving...

As most of you already know, we've been experiencing some serious bandwidth problems, of late. I'm sure you've noticed the sluggish (agonizing) page loads, and the dreaded:

Error 500 - Internal server error
An internal server error has occured!
Please try again later.

Well, we've tried to fix the problem. Or, more correctly, get the problem fixed. So, what's the bottom line?

We're moving... Not the web address... just the web hosting provider. Hopefully, this process will appear seemless to you. However, there may be some bumps in the road, along the way. Please bear with us over the next week, or so. Thanks, —RWSmith (Bureaucrat), 16:06, March 25, 2008 (EDT)

06 Feb 08

Base Address Restored

The web site has been returned to the base address. We apologize for any inconvenince.

05 Feb 2008

Please help us locate and repair any broken links to! Thanks, --The MeritBadge.Org Staff

Message from webmaster

On February 4, 2008, changes will be made to the Web site that will require your Webmaster to update links on your Web site.

For example, the URL for the Boy Scouts program on has previously looked something like

Links to Programs and other sections

Links to Programs and other sections (e.g., BoyScouts, Venturing, etc) should be changed to the new URL's (available below). If the webmaster is linking to a particular webpage deeper into the website than the top-level programs, they'll need to contact the National Council Webmaster (Chad Jordan) for the new URL.

  • For example, links to programs/sections would be:

Links to Forms/Documents:

Many webmasters have linked directly to PDF’s, Word Documents and other forms and files on These links will not work after February 4 2008 and will need to be changed to ensure proper operation. A spreadsheet is available that provides a mapping of the old vs. new location of these documents (see file titled National Website File Mapping.xls). If there is any confusion about the new location of a file, a webmaster should be able to locate the new file (after February 4) using the following guidelines:

All files are stored on in a webshare called “filestore” which is organized by filetype for ease of access and navigation. In other words, all PDF’s are stored in a ‘pdf’ directory; all Word Documents are in a ‘doc’ directory.
Assume that a webmaster has linked to the NAYLE.ppt file on
Assume that a webmaster has linked to the latest Value of Scouting Slideshow file on
Assume that a webmaster has linked to the Venturing Marketing Guide (Bin # 25-309) on

28 Jan 2008

2008 Boy Scout Rank Requirement Changes Announced

{{{imagesize}}} A detailed summary of the 2008 Boy Scout Requirement Changes are now on MeritBadgeDotOrg, including updated links for recently changed Eagle Scout Award-related forms. (Once announced, BSA Rank changes become effective immediately.)

25 Jan 08

Techincal difficulties

{{{imagesize}}} Technical difficulties. We're currently experiencing some technical difficulties -- this may be due to the MediaWiki software, the domain host, or some other problem. Please bear with us while we work to get the issue(s) resolved. —Thanks, the MBO Staff

20 Jan 2008

MyScouting portal

{{{imagesize}}} Special announcement for volunteer leaders: The BSA's new, offical MyScouting portal at the National Council's website is now operational. We owe many thanks to National's webmasters who have worked so hard to get so many new and valuable features and resources up and running.

14 Jan 08

2008 BSA changes

Please help us get the site updated with BSA's 1 Jan 08 changes... Thanks. --RWSmith (Sysop), 19:53, January 14, 2008 (EST)
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