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Fun for the Family has been discontinued. (See Discontinued awards.)

Fun for the Family is a Cub Scout program. Strengthening families is one of the purposes of Cub Scouting. Fun for the Family allow families to chose how they would like to participate in the program. It is filled with various family activities that are organized into five categories. Character development and the twelve core values are integral parts of this program. To earn the award, family members work together to complete two activities from each of the five categories. Upon completion of the award, the family may be presented with a certificate and each family member may be presented with patches. After receiving the patch, family members may continue working on activities to earn pins to be worn on the patches. Families may earn as many pis as they like during their tenure in Cub Scouting. Ideally, the awards will be present to the family at a pack meeting.


Shaping Your Family Identity

Complete two activities to earn the patch. Complete two additional activities earn the blue and white pin.

  • Choose a book and read it together as a family.
  • Chose a special day each month or choose one theme during one month to celebrate or plan special activities.
  • Find a family member that can tell a story about one of your ancestors.
  • Discuss as a family the meaning of "faith in God."
  • Decide on a motto for your family.
  • Take part in a family reunion.
  • Draw a family tree.
  • Have a family council at which the family lists five or six family values and traditions.
  • Learn about a country or culture that is part of your family heritage.
  • Participate in a family tradition for a holiday.
  • Make a family sand castle..., remind family members how it is important to build houses and families "upon a rock" of things that last, and not the sand.
  • Discuss how your family is a kind and caring family
  • Discuss how God is like light to a family.
  • Plan a party to celebrate a daily milestone.
  • Learn about your family name and its history.
  • Have family members draw pictures of examples of how they can support each other.
  • Have members create a treasure hunt for the other members in the family to do.

Developing Personal Skills

Complete two activities to earn the patch. Complete two additional activities earn the black and gray pin.

  • Make a list of the different careers in which family members have in interest.
  • Make a list of manners that the family members will practice for the coming month.
  • Plan an activity or fitness program for you and your family.
  • Have a family dinner where each person helps with his or her talents to make the dinner a pleasant activity.
  • Attend an event or practice of someone who is performing a talent or skill.
  • Plan a day of games.
  • Help family members with their hobbies.
  • Play a guessing game involving players asking questions to guess the names of famous people.
  • Make a cleaning chart that includes several categories, such as room, yard, body, teeth, mind, and language.
  • Discuss good manner and courtesy with family members.
  • As a family, play a board game that emphasizes using money, such as MONOPOLY, The Game of Life, or Pay Day.
  • Have an evening of music where the family sings favorite songs or hymns.
  • Make a family practice chart for one month to track family members practice skills or talents that they are trying to develop.
  • Plan activities for family member to demonstrate their skills and abilities, as well as teach some aspect of their skill to other family members.
  • Find a skit and have the family do it together.
  • Discuss the strengths of each family member.
  • Plan a family talent show.
  • Plan a family activity of word-building, using games such as crossword puzzles, trivia challenges, spelling bees, hangman, SCRABBLE, Password, or Boggle.

Building a Family Team

Complete two activities to earn the patch. Complete two additional activities earn the orange and green pin.

  • As a family, decide on a goal for which you will need to save and budget money.
  • As a family, visit a special church service.
  • Have a family clean-up day for the house or yard.
  • Plan and hold a family campout.
  • As a family, learn about your family crest if you have one.
  • As a family, plant a garden.
  • Discuss the responsibilities of taking care of the family pet(s).
  • Have a dinner or dessert night where each person contributes to the food with his or her own idea for the meal.
  • Visit a farm and watch or participate in some of the chores.
  • Teach basic planning skills and help children plan a family activity such as a picnic, hike, day trip, or service project.
  • During a family reunion or an activity where other families are present, play a game or sports activity in which family members can be on teams.
  • Take a family hike for a distance that could be a challenge for the family to complete.
  • Divide up household responsibilities for each family member. Make a family chart as a reminder for everyone.
  • Mark out the dimensions of something large, like a dinosaur, outside so that family members can visualize how long or tall it is.
  • As a family, choose a cause such as hunger and determine a plan whereby your family can actively participate in or support that cause.
  • Have a family read-a-thon where family members read together in one room.
  • Plan a family secret pal week where each family member performs a secret act of kindness for his or her secret pal.
  • Sit in a circle and tell a story together.
  • As a family, create a family team name and logo.

Connecting with Your Community

Complete two activities to earn the patch. Complete two additional activities earn the black and red pin.

  • Plan a family bike ride in your community
  • Have a car wash to raise funds for an agency organization in your community.
  • Plan a program or service that your family could do for a care center or hospital ward.
  • Talk with leaders of you church an find out how your family can help with a project.
  • Plan a family community clean up in the local park, or check with the city council for information for clean up opportunities.
  • Help with a community event such as a fair, parade, carnival, or other occasion where the family can participate.
  • Plan a family service activity by helping out at your local library, museum, fire station, homeless shelter, etc.
  • Find out how your family can help with a conservation project for your community.
  • Adopt the fire hydrant nearest your home, and keep it clear of debris, snow, and ice.
  • As a family, post a flag at your house on all approbate holidays.
  • Help with a food drive in you community.
  • Discuss ways to reduce the amount of garbage your family sends to the landfill.
  • Plan and complete a family service project helping your neighbors.
  • Have your family be a pixie for another family for one week.
  • As a family , take a city bus or some other mode of public transport.
  • Visit a place that recycles.
  • Plan a family road trip and learn about the historical and interesting sites along the way.
  • As a family , list five rules that your family follows to help show respect for the community.
  • Find out from your community resources or forest service where your family can plant a tree.

Facing Family Challenges

Complete two activities to earn the patch. Complete two additional activities earn the blue and yellow pin.

  • Visit a cemetery and examine the different inscriptions on the grave markers.
  • Have a family activity to gather items for your home emergency kit.
  • Have a family journal to which everyone may contribute some of his or her writings.
  • Hold a mock disaster or fire drill to give the family members practical experience with how to act in an emergency situation.
  • As a family, prepare and freeze several home-cooked meals.
  • As a family, write down special memories of a loved one who has died.
  • Discuss your religious beliefs and the cultural traditions of your family that relate to death.
  • Learn about the history and meaning of Memorial Day.
  • Make goodbye cards that contain your new address and phone number.
  • Plant a tree or perennial flower in memory of a deceased loved one.
  • Together with your family, go one week without candy, soda pop, or other snacks.
  • As a family set up an obstacle course.
  • Honor a deceased pet by taking care of the place where the pet was buried or create a special photo book.
  • As a family, visit a store where special equipment, such as wheelchairs, is sold or rented to people who need physical assistance. Discuss what makes these things useful and why the people who use them deserve respect.
  • Write ten family problems on 10 slips of paper, each family member draws a slip and reads it, then discuss how the problem might be managed.
  • As a family, schedule a meeting with your local police or fire department to learn ways to improve safety in your home and community.
  • Have all of your family members fingerprinted and photographed for security.
  • In family council, discuss the needs of a family member or friend suffering from a long-term illness.
  • As a family, prepare a baked good or treat to take around and sure with new neighbors.


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