Frank L. Weil Unit Recognition Award

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Frank L. Weil Unit Recognition Award emblem (from the National Jewish Committee on Scouting)
Frank L. Weil Unit Recognition Award emblem (from the National Jewish Committee on Scouting)



Open to units chartered to Jewish institutions, the Frank L. Weil Unit Recognition Award recognizes the quality of the program a unit provides its youth. The award is given in memory of Frank L. Weil, one of the founders of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting (NJCOS) and its chairman from 1935-57. The award is available through the NJCOS and administered through the region chair. It consists of:

  • A certificate for the chartered organization
  • A colored ribbon for the unit
  • A multicolored, embroidered patch for each registered member (youths and adults)

Each unit may earn this recognition on its own merit for a particular calendar year, and may earn it for succeeding years, providing the yearly requirements are met. Units should aim to achieve all seven objectives; six objectives (the five required elements plus one of the additional requirements) must be met to qualify for the award.


Complete the five following requirements:

  1. Earn the BSA Journey to Excellence Gold Unit Award
  2. Perform Community Service – Conduct a service project for the chartered organization or participate in a community service project in which the chartered organization participated
  3. Rechartering – Recharter on time.
  4. Membership – Increase in youth membership over the previous year.
  5. Religious Activities Participate in two of the following:
  1. Council or area Jewish retreat.
  2. Council Scout Shabbat service.
  3. Council Ten Commandments hike.
  4. Community service project (in addition to that done for Requirement No. 3.)
  5. Interfaith activity.
  6. Shabbat observances while camping.
  7. Other activity approved by NJCOS regional chair. Council activities may be under the auspices of the local council or a council-wide activity under the auspices of the council's Jewish Committee on Scouting or performed on a regional level.

And complete one of the two following requirements:

  1. Finance – At least 50% of the unit's families participated in and supported the council's Friends of Scouting effort.
  2. Religious Emblems – A minimum of 20% of the unit's registered members have earned their religious emblem as of the charter renewal date.

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