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Founder's Bar

This patch is worn on the uniform below the unit numerals
Founder Emblem (No. 610129)
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Level:Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, Sea Scout, Adult leader

In 2010, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, the BSA New-Unit Task Force announced the new Founder’s Bar recognition.

The Founder’s Bar is worn by all youths and adults whose names are on a new-unit charter or who join the new unit before it recharters for the first time; members of veteran units still in operation who were on the original charter may also wear the bar.

This recognition will emphasize the importance and pride of forming and nurturing a new Scouting unit.

Once the unit has completed its charter, members may begin wearing the Founder’s Bar. The Founder’s Bar is worn on the left shoulder below the unit numerals.

In addition the the Founder's Bar emblem, a wall certificate and pocket certificate are available for distribution to founding members.

Founders Award Wall CertificateNo. 610469
Founders Award Wall Certificate
No. 610469
Founders Award Pocket CertificateNo. 610470
Founders Award Pocket Certificate
No. 610470

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