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A district is a subgroup of a local council to assist the units within it's boundaries to deliver quality Scouting programs to local youth. Like it's parent council, a district is independent of a particular program. Therefore district volunteers service packs, troops, teams, crews, and ships alike. As such, district volunteer wear silver shoulder loops (or two-star insignia while in sea scout uniforms). With the exception of the District Executive (and any assistants), all members of the district are volunteers.


District Organization

District Key Three

The District Key Three is comprised of the District Executive, District Commissioner, and District Chairman. The District Key Three represent all aspects of the districts organization. Together they oversee the implimentation of the scouting program in the district, set goals, and provide support to individual units (generally through either the commissioner staff or district committee).

District Committee

Main article: District Committee

The district committee is generally proposed of several committees specializing in areas to support local units. Examples of these committees include:

  • Membership
  • Advancement
  • Finance
  • Activities

While each committee may have it's own chairman, the District Chairman is the chairman for the entire district committee.

District Commissioner Staff

The district commissioner staff comprises all commissioners within the district. Lead by the District Commissioner, these commissions provide support to individual units through training, mentoring, and reporting. Commissioners in the district commissioner staff include:

District Operations

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