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Developing Youth
Leadership Conference

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Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC) deepens an adviser’s capacity to develop youth leadership within the lodge and chapter. Conference topics include fostering a growth mindset, promoting resilience, providing constructive feedback that leads to changes in youth behavior and creating a life-long coaching/mentoring relationship. Conference participants gain insights necessary to coach youth successfully in applying the leadership skills they gained during the National Leadership Seminar.

  • DYLC provides the tools adult leaders need to mentor & develop outstanding youth leaders. It is encouraged that participants have completed the National Leadership Seminar, but not required.
  • Learn ways to help youth leaders problem solve & analyze situations.
  • Practice coaching skills that help youth leaders reach their potential.
  • Share best practices with OA adult leaders from across your Region.

The Developing Youth Leadership Conference moves beyond lodge mechanics and operations to establishing a lodge and chapter culture that grows youth who are capable of establishing goals, building teams, and guiding the lodge’s work to achieve Journey to Excellence. Prior participation in the National Leadership Seminar is encouraged, but not required.


Who should attend DYLC?

It is recommended that participants be lodge advisers or staff advisers and those with lodge adviser potential, as approved by the local council Scout Executive. Prior completion of a Lodge Leader Development Program and the National Leadership Seminar are desirable. The DYLC is an intensive experience in learning about the nature of lodge program, delivery of service to the council, and development of youth leadership necessary to both. While it is designed to be fun, the course is mentally challenging as well. Participants should be open to learning and prepared to actively engage in an invigorating weekend.

When and Where is DYLC Offered?

Each region will host at least 2 Developing Youth Leadership Conferences annually. For more information and how to register for these regional conferences, please visit,, or

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