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The Den Leader Getting Started Guide has what Tiger, Wolf & Bear and Webelos Den Leaders need to get started today!

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First of all, Welcome! Thank you for being a Den Leader.

You may have a boy in your den. What fun! These are the "good old days!" As they grow up, their friends may change. Some day if they work hard, they can be Eagle Scouts! Their friends that day might very well be these buddies from your Den.

You have a Den Meeting coming up, so let's get started. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. MeritBadge.Org already has the resources you need! Here are the three most important things:

  • Keep It Simple.
  • Make it Fun.
  • Keep Them Safe.

Applications & Roster. Make sure that your Pack has turned in your Adult Application and has each boy registered in your Den. Share a roster with each family's names, address, phone, and names, cell numbers, and email. Include Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmasters' names and numbers. If your Pack uses a program like PackMaster, this is easy to do.

Online training. Your Cub Scout Leader online training is good and you can have it done today:

Leader Specific Training. The last part of your New Leader Training is Leader Specific Training through your local council or district. You will learn a lot and make good contacts.

Den Leader Resources. Your Cubmaster will host monthly Den Leader Meetings to review upcoming events and share ideas. Your Cubmaster should provide a list of the other Tiger, Wolf & Bear, or Webelos Leaders' names, positions, and phone numbers. Call with any questions! Ask about Uniforms and Roundtable meetings where area Cub leaders share ideas. Your pack should give you a handbook, and Cub Scout Leader Guide #646725.

Den Meetings. Work with your families to set up a weekly hour-long Den Meeting time. You might meet at your Chartered Organization, a church, school, or boy's home. The location must be safe and have plenty of room for projects and games. The Welcome New Den Leader will help you.

Pack Meetings. Each den has a job at the monthly Pack Meetings such as Setup, Opening, Skits, Songs, Cheers, Closing, and Cleanup. Events include Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold, & Roundup.

Fast Tracks. Would you like a great set of notes from past den leaders? Fast Tracks are official lesson plans and ideas to help you with your first 16 den meetings each year. All new Cub Scouts earn Bobcat first. You can cover Bobcat in two meetings using the Tiger Fast Tracks.

Cub Scout Awards include the Outdoor Activity, National Summertime, Leave No Trace, etc.

Parents. While Tiger Cub Scouts must have an adult partner with them, it is important to involve parents at every level. "Drop and Dash" families will drain your resources and their boys are often the ones who drop out. It is hard to convince a boy that something is important if his family shows it's not..

Denners. Ask adult partners to take turns coordinating the meetings. Ask who has contacts with the fire or police departments, local parks, etc. When a family coordinates a meeting, their boy gets to be Denner! The Denner gets gold cords and to help lead the Pledge of Allegiance and brings the treats, typically something easy and cheap like granola bars and juice. The Denner and his adult partner are in charge of setup and cleanup. Have a Denner and Assistant Denner for each meeting.

Boy's who get to be Denner don't drop out! And you will not end doing everything by yourself.

Assistant Den Leader. Share the load with your Assistant Den Leader. Your Pack may register Assistant Den Leaders as Den Leaders so that you can both get all of the same training and each earn your Cub Scout Leader Awards.

Fun Night. Have at least one Fun Night each year. Ask each family to bring their favorite board games and soft drinks. Order pizza & you have a party! Fun Nights are also a chance to help boys who have missed meetings catch up.

Belt Loop Day. Have at least one Belt Loop Day each year. Your den can do your own but it can be more fun if other dens or the whole pack is involved. Your council may also host one. See the National Summertime Award for a list of great activity ideas. In one day, your Cubs could have a hike or bike ride, a picnic lunch, and earn fun Belt Loops!

Take it one day at a time. Keep one meeting ahead in your Bookshelf#Cub_Scout_Resources handbook. Get every family and boy involved. Ask for help. Get trained. Each month get the new Theme, Program Helps, and other materials from MeritBadge.Org. It's KISMIF: Keep It Simple. Make It FUN. (Keep them safe.)

That is a lot of information! And this is just the beginning of the resources. MeritBadge.Org has info on Day Camp, Resident Camp, Roundups, and more.

Go have FUN! Did they tell you? "It Is Just an Hour A Week!"

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MeritBadge.Org is your online Scouting University with everything from Getting Started to Bridging.

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