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The Trax Spreadsheets are a collection of FREE spreadsheets developed by Frank Steele of Troop 615, Coastal District, Bay Area Council of League City, TX. They are for use by Scouters to keep track of advancements, awards, training, and even popcorn sales. Most are available in versions for both Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc.

The following Trax Spreadsheets are available for use at the Cub Scout level:

TigerTrax: Covers the Tiger Totem, the Tiger badge, Bobcat, and Tiger Electives.

WolfTrax: Covers Bobcat and The Wolf Badge, and Arrow Points.

BearTrax: Bobcat badge, The Bear Badge, and Arrow Points.

WebelosTrax: Covers The Webelos Scout badge, Arrow of Light, All Webelos Activity Badges, and Bobcat.

CubPatchesTrax: Covers the National awards and patches, including: BSA Family Award, Conservation Good Turn Award, Crime Prevention, Donor Awareness Patch, Emergency Preparedness Award, Historic Trails Award, International Activity Badge, Internet Scout Award, Interpreter Strip, Leave No Trace, Outdoor Activities, Physical Fitness Award, Recruiter Strip, Religious Emblems, Summertime Activities, US Heritage, and World Conservation Award, plus room for you to add up to 4 of your own regional awards.

BeltLoop&PinTrax: Covers all Academic & Sports Belt Loops & Pins

RecordTrax: This spreadsheet is intended to be your permanent record summary sheet for keeping Track of Den Records over the years. At the end of their Cub Scout careers, trying to remembering who earned the World Conservation Award as a Bear and who didn't, as well as exactly how many silver arrow points each kid in your den earned as a Wolf becomes very important when it is time to create their Career Arrows. This is the sheet you keep and update as the years go by.

EventTrax: Helps keep track of attendance at various Scouting events. Cub Scout leaders need to keep track of attendance at Summertime Activities, and District Events. They may also want to keep track of who attended Raingutter Regattas, and Pinewood Derbies, etc.

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