Boatswain's mate

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Boatswain's mate
Selection: Elected or selected
according to ship by-laws
Selected by: Ship or boatswain
Reports to: Boatswain
Serving as Boatswain's mate can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirements for Scout Star, Life, and Eagle ranks.

The Boatswain's mate is the second highest-ranking youth leader of the Sea Scouting ship reporting to the boatswain. Each ship should have two boatswain's mates; one for administration and one for program.



Boatswain's Mate for Administration

  • Take over for the ship's boatswain when necessary.
  • Give leadership to recruiting new members into the ship by
—— Coordinating plans for an annual open house to invite new members to join
—— Encouraging all ship members to bring new prospects to ship meetings and activities
—— Admitting new members into the ship. Be sure they are introduced and feel welcome.
  • Follow up with ship members who seem to be losing interest in the ship.
  • Recognize the achievements of ship members.
  • Conduct opening and closing ceremonies for your ship.

Boatswain's Mate for Program

  • Collect activity and meeting ideas from ship members by
—— Asking ship members what they would like their ship to do
—— Surveying ship members on their interests
—— Evaluating ship meetings and activities after they take place
  • Maintain an activities file of programs, activities, projects, and trips.
  • Help ship's activity chairs plan and conduct successful activities.


The Boatswain's mate is the second-highest youth leader in its unit. Other second youth leaders are:

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