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The Boatswain is constantly be in tune with the needs of the Ship and its members. He or she acts as role model, morale officer, confidante and liaison with other persons and institutions. Mariner esprit-de-corps is a major responsibility of the Boatswain.

The Boatswain is the elected youth head of the Sea Scout ship.

Serving as Boatswain can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirements for Star, Life, and Eagle.
Selection: Elected
Selected by: Youth ship members
Reports to: Skipper



  • Able Seaman Rank
  • If at all possible the Boatswain should have previously served as an Assistant Crew Leader, a Crew Leader, and the Boatswain's Mate.

Reports to


  • Be available to attend a majority of activities.
  • Plan and conduct skills training, practices and competitions.
  • Attend Fleet Quarterdeck meetings.
  • Plan and conduct Quarterdeck meetings.
  • Train the Boatswain's Mate to be Boatswain. Assign the Boatswain's Mate to do as many tasks as possible so that when the Boatswain's Mate becomes Boatswain, he or she will be ready to train the next Boatswain.


The Boatswain is top youth leader in its unit. Other top youth leaders are:

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