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Alumni Award



The BSA Alumni Award is presented to recognize an alumnus who has helped other alumni to reconnect with the program.

Help these one-time Scouts get back in touch with the Scouting program, and you’ll be eligible to earn the Alumni Award square knot.

The award recognizes registered Scouters who help unregistered alumni rejoin the program. This task breaks down into four categories of requirements:

  • Alumni identification and promotion, such as contacting former members, planning alumni activities, and/or presenting to non-Scout groups.
  • Alumni engagement, including helping two former members become registered Scouters or recruiting alumni to volunteer at Scouting events.
  • Personal participation, which could mean serving on an alumni committee or sharing your experiences at the BSA Alumni Web site.
  • Personal education, such as completing the online alumni training or taking an alumni course at the Philmont Training Center.

If you’re an Eagle Scout, you’ll also need to become a registered member of NESA, the National Eagle Scout Association.

Alumni Award requirements

Source: Alumni Award Requirements Adobe Acrobat PDF (2018) —

I. Memories

(Complete any two of the four requirements in this section.)
  1. Participate in a Scouting Alumni & Friends, affinity group[1] or unit/council reunion or event.
  2. Assist in planning, organizing and implementation of an alumni activity with your Scouting Alumni & Friends committee or alumni affinity group.
  3. Create and distribute communication approved by your council designed to identify and engage alumni.
  4. Distribute Scouting Alumni & Friends marketing materials at a public event (I.e., state or county fair, Scout-O-Rama, etc.) to alumni and learn about their Scouting experiences.

II. Marketing

(Complete any two of the four requirements in this section.)
  1. Use activity photographs to promote Scouting Alumni & Friends or an alumni affinity group.
  2. Make two presentations to non-Scout groups promoting the BSA and volunteerism.
  3. Write a minimum of two paragraphs about how Scouting has impacted your life. Share your "Scouting story" on a Scouting social media site (unit, council, national), community blog, or letter to the editor. (Facebook Twitter )
  4. Present Alumni Service Commemoration(s) for 25, 50 or 75 years to three qualified alumni.

III. Mentoring

(Complete any three of the five requirements in this section including a training requirement.)
  1. Give a tour of the Scouting Alumni & Friends website to a gathering of alumni
  2. Assist three alumni in updating their profile including alumni affinity memberships, when applicable.
  3. Complete the online training series for alumni in the BSA Learning Center at
  4. Attend an Scouting Alumni & Friends seminar in your council, area or region.
  5. Attend a Scouting Alumni & Friends course at the Philmont Training Center, the Summit Bechtel Reserve or other national BSA training facility.

IV. Membership

(Complete any three of the six requirements in this section.)
  1. Facilitate registration of at least two alumni as members of the BSA.
  2. Assist two alumni to register as members of Scouting Alumni & Friends at any level.
  3. Assist formation of a council, area or regional Scouting Alumni & Friends or alumni affinity group committee.
  4. Serve on a Scouting Alumni & Friends or alumni affinity committee for at least two years.
  5. Be or become registered as a member of an alumni affinity group.
  6. Assist two alumni to register online to become members of an alumni affinity group.

V. Manpower

(Complete any two of the three requirements in this section. The same alumni may not be used to complete more than one requirement in this section.)
  1. Arrange for at least two unregistered alumni to attend a Scout activity.
  2. Contact at least five adult alumni not currently registered with the BSA, engage them in a serious discussion about the Scouting program.
  3. Meet with a local charter partner or Scouting unit and discuss ways to recruit alumni and how that could benefit both organizations.

VI. Money

(Complete one of the two requirements in this section.)
  1. Encourage two unregistered alumni to make a Friends of Scouting donation.
  2. Encourage at least two registered alumni to make a meaningful (based on the donor’s ability to give) financial donation to Scouting over and above regular dues and contributions, i.e., any gift that aids Scouting.
  1. Alumni affinity groups include NESA, OA, high-adventure base alumni, Sea Scout alumni, American Wood Badge Alumni, Silver Beaver alumni, local camp and unit alumni and other similar BSA alumni groups.

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Application process

  • Applicants must be currently registered adult Scouters of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • All applicants must receive the approval of their local council’s alumni committee chair and Scout executive.
  • Approved applications are forwarded to the Scouting Alumni and Friends Committee. Those approved will be sent a certificate that can be used to purchase a square knot and/or lapel pin from the Scout Shop.
  • Individuals who have received the Alumnus of the Year (council, regional, or national) are also considered recipients of the Alumni Award.


The Award will consist of a certificate and square knot (shown above). The knot emblems are restricted items, under the control of the [National Council] Alumni Relations office, and cannot be directly ordered/purchased through the website or at local Scout Shops™.


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