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Webmaster is an unofficial Boy Scout Troop Leadership Position. The Webmaster is the adult in charge of the Group's Website. He/She works with Junior Webmaster on what's going on in the troop. Note: This is not an official position. It was created by a contributor and/or author and should only be appointed when needed. The term is as long as needed; until a new webmaster can take his place.


Appointed By: Scoutmaster and/or Committee chairman Reports to: Scoutmaster and/or Committee chairman Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the Troop Website is moving accordingly
  • Work with various troop members on need topics.
  • Ensure the Website is a youth-run as possible
  • Help out website where needed.
  • Set’s a good example
  • Enthusiastically wear’s the uniform correctly
  • Shows scout spirit



Resources used for this page in 2005-2007:

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