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Webelos Den Leader
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The Webelos den leader's responsibilities are to:

  • Give leadership to planning and carrying out a year-round program of activities for the Webelos den to achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting.
  • Complete Webelos den leader Fast Start Training, position-specific Basic Leader Training, and Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders. Attend monthly roundtables.
  • Lead the den in its participation at the monthly Pack Meetings.
  • Help establish a close working relationship with the assistant Webelos den leader and Webelos den chief, functioning with them as a den leadership team.
  • Work in harmony with other den and pack leaders.
  • Help the Cubmaster and pack committee recruit new Webelos Scouts.
  • Help train the Webelos den chief and guide him in working with Webelos Scouts. Attend Den Chief Training with him. See that he receives recognition for his efforts at den and pack meetings.
  • Attend the monthly den chief planning meeting for den leaders, assistant den leaders, and den chiefs.
  • With the assistant Webelos den leader, meet with the Webelos den chief, and let him help plan Webelos den meetings and activities. Give him meaningful assignments.
  • Provide worthwhile tasks for the Webelos denner so that he can assume some responsibility and gain satisfaction from his efforts.
  • Use Boys' Life and Scouting magazines and the Webelos Leader Guide as resources for program ideas and information.
  • Instill Scouting spirit and moral values through personal example, ceremonies, and meaningful activities such as service projects.
  • Promote the religious emblems program.
  • Collect den dues and turn them in to the pack treasurer at the pack leaders' meeting. Keep accurate records of den dues and attendance.
  • Encourage Webelos Scouts to advance. Maintain high advancement standards. Keep accurate advancement records and see that the boys are promptly recognized for their achievements.
  • With the help of the Cubmaster, pack committee, and unit commissioner, determine one or more neighborhood Boy Scout troops into which Webelos Scouts may be graduated, and establish a good working relationship with those troops. Try to graduate every Webelos Scout into a troop.
  • Work with the Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmaster to plan and conduct meaningful joint activities.
  • Work with the Cubmaster to see that impressive graduation ceremonies are conducted in the pack. Invite the Scoutmaster and troop leaders to take part.
  • Ask qualified people, including adult family members, to serve as activity badge counselors.
  • Encourage parents or guardians of Webelos Scouts to help plan and carry out overnight campouts and other outdoor activities. Work with the troop assistant Scoutmaster or Scoutmaster to arrange for the loan of troop equipment for joint Webelos den-troop activities.
  • Help the den and the pack earn the National Summertime Pack Award.
  • Have a plan to ensure that a leader is available for all Webelos den meetings and activities. Call on the assistant Webelos den leader to fill in, as needed.
  • Participate in the annual pack program planning conference and the monthly pack leaders' meetings.
  • Keep the Cubmaster and pack committee informed on the status and needs of the Webelos den.
  • Support the policies of the BSA.


  • Is at least 21 years old, subscribes to the Declaration of Religious Principle, and agrees to abide by the Scout Oath or Promise and the Scout Law. Possesses the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive leadership to youth. Should be interested in and enjoy working with boys and able to work with adults. May be a parent or guardian of one of the boys in the den. Recommended by the Cubmaster after consultation with parents or guardians of the Webelos Scouts involved, and approved by the pack committee and chartered organization. Registered as an adult leader of the BSA.

Webelos Den Leader is discontinued. It has been replaced by Cub Scout Den Leader Award. (See Discontinued awards.)
Webelos Den Leader Award

Webelos Den Leader Award Knot
Level:Webelos Den Leaders

The Webelos Den Leader Award is available to Webelos Den Leaders who complete training, tenure, and performance requirements. This award is presented by the local council and requires the completion of Fast Start Training, Basic Leader Training for the position, Webelos Leader Outdoor Training, Youth Protection training, and participation in roundtables or a pow wow or University of Scouting. One year of registered service as a Webelos Den Leader is a requirement for the award, and tenure used for one award may not be used for another.

The Webelos Den Leader Award replaced the Webelos Den Leader Training Award, which was phased out on December 31, 1988. Initially there was a neck ribbon, but the ribbons were phased out in 2001.

The discontinuedWebelos Den Leader Award medal
The discontinued
Webelos Den Leader Award medal


Webelos Den Leader requirements

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