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The Webelos Activity Badges are divided into 5 groups of 4 badges each:
The Webelos Activity Badges are divided into 5 groups of 4 badges each:
{{List of Webelos Activity Badges}}
{{List of Webelos Activity Badges}}
==Webelos Colors, Compass Emblem, and Compass Points==
{{Webelos Colors & Emblem}}
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== Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program==
== Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program==
{{Shortcut|[[WABL]]}}{{Webelos Belt Loops}}
{{Shortcut|[[WABL]]}}{{Webelos Belt Loops}}
{{Webelos Colors & Emblem}}
[[Category:Webelos Activity Badges]]
[[Category:Webelos Activity Badges]]

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Webelos Activity Badge resources include the Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets
with the maps, charts, links, and checklists you need plus cross-references
for related Cub Scout Belt Loops & Pins and Cub Scout Awards.

Webelos Activity Badges

Level:Webelos Scout

Webelos Activity Badges are colorful metal emblems (pins) that may be pinned to the Webelos Colors or the Webelos cap (this is a per-Pack decision). The Activity Badges form the basis of the 15- or 18-month-long Webelos Scout Program which prepares Webelos Scouts to bridge into a Boy Scout troop.

Requirements may be worked on during the Webelos den meetings and the new skill practiced at home and with the help of the boy's family. The requirements are either completed during the den meetings or at home with the den leader's approval. Projects are then brought to meetings to share as well as to be approved by the Webelos Den Leader or Activity Badge Counselor. A pin is awarded upon completion of the requirements.


Activity groups

The Webelos Activity Badges are divided into 5 groups of 4 badges each:

Physical Skills group





Technology group





Mental Skills group





Outdoor group





Community group



Family Member



* Fitness and Citizen are required for the Webelos Badge
** Outdoorsman and Readyman are required for the Arrow of Light award

Webelos Colors, Compass Emblem, and Compass Points

Webelos Colors

The Webelos Colors is an optional yellow, red, and green emblem (use determined by the Pack) onto which the Webelos Activity Badges or Webelos & Arrow of Light Adventure Pinsmay be pinned. It is worn on the right sleeve immediately below and touching the U.S. flag if no Patrol patch is worn (covering the Den and Quality Unit insignia). If Patrol patch is worn, the colors are pinned under and touching the Patrol Patch.

Webelos Colors
Webelos Colors

Webelos Compass Emblem and Points

Webelos Scouts can earn the Compass Emblem and Compass Points once they have earned the Webelos rank badge. The emblem is awarded after earning seven activity badges (four more in addition to the three earned for the Webelos badge). For each four activity badges earned after that, a compass point device, one for each remaining cardinal direction, can be pinned on the on the emblem in the "E," "W," or "S" positions in any order chosen.

Worn suspended from the right pocket flap button.

Webelos Compass Emblem and Points
Webelos Compass Emblem and Points

How to Earn An Activity Badge

  1. Learn the skills.
    During the activity badge period of the den meeting, Webelos Scouts receive instruction, practice what they've learned, and take part in games or contests using their new skills.
  2. Complete the requirements.
    Webelos activity badge requirements are approved by the Webelos den leader or other designated person, such as an activity badge counselor. This step, which focuses on communication between a boy and an adult other than his parent, is a part of the program that helps prepare the Webelos Scouts for their Boy Scouting experience.
  3. Receive the activity badge.
    The Webelos den leader makes certain that each boy receives the activity badges he has earned, promptly and with ceremony, in a pack meeting.

Worksheet Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets
Worksheets can help you organize notes, listen actively, find resources, and document your work.


Optional worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work.

The Worksheets include extra materials that the Webelos Scout will need:

  • Blank Maps
  • Graph paper
  • Checklists
  • Links to online references and free online video lessons of key skills

Click here for the Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets.

Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program

A number of Webelos Activity Badges require completion of a Cub Scout Belt Loop. There are also a number of overlaps between the requirements.
Webelos Activty Cub Scout Belt Loop
Artist Req. # 11 Art
Citizen Req. # 8 Citizenship
Communicator Req. # 15 Communicating
Communicator Req. # 14 Computers
Communicator Req. # 10 Language and Culture
Engineer Req. # 10 Mathematics
Family Member Req. # 12 Heritages
Forester Req. # 7 Collecting
Geologist Req. # 9 Geology
Geologist Req. # 1 Collecting
Naturalist Req. # 13 Wildlife Conservation
Webelos Activty Cub Scout Belt Loop
Scholar Req. # 7 Mathematics
Scholar Req. # 8 Chess
Scholar Req. # 6 Language and Culture
Scientist Req. # 4 Astronomy
Scientist Req. # 1 Geology
Scientist Req. # 4 Science
Scientist Req. # 13 Weather
Showman Req. # 15 Music
Showman Req. # 10 Collecting
Traveler Req. # 12 Geography
Traveler Req. # 13 Map and Compass

Sportsman has a number of Belt Loop options: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling, Bowling, Flag Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Marbles, Physical Fitness, Roller Skating, Snow Sports, Soccer, Softball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ultimate, and Volleyball.

Earning Loops and Pins multiple times

Many Webelos Scouts may earn belt loops and pins a second time to qualify for Webelos Activity Badges. All boys may earn belt loops more than once; however, leaders should encourage boys to try different requirements and earn the pin. Packs should have a clear policy in place to determine whether the pack or the boy's family will be responsible for the cost of awards that are earned more than once.
Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide #34299B, p.4 and Cub Scout Leader Book, p. 31-1.
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