Webelos & Arrow of Light Adventures Worksheets

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Boy Scout have been using Merit Badge Worksheets for years. Now worksheets are available for Webelos too. Optional worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. Leaders and parents can quickly see if a Scout is understanding. Worksheets allow group instruction with individual attention.

Click an activity badge name below for the current requirements. Right click on a worksheet to save or print the worksheet.

Here are examples of some of the extra materials that you will need are included in the workbooks:

A full set of workbooks for the Cub Scout Belt Loops and Pins are now available in the Cub Scout Worksheets.

Email the worksheet developer with any comments or ideas: Craig.


Webelos Activity Badge Requirements Worksheets US Scouts
Backup Copy
Download all worksheets in a single large ZIP file Large ZIP File
Aquanaut Worksheet Aquanaut.pdf
Artist Worksheet Artist.pdf
Athlete Worksheet Athlete.pdf
Citizen Worksheet Citizen.pdf
Communicator Worksheet Communicator.pdf
Craftsman Worksheet Craftsman.pdf
Engineer Worksheet Engineer.pdf
Family Member Worksheet Family-Member.pdf
Fitness Worksheet Fitness.pdf
Forester Worksheet Forester.pdf
Geologist Worksheet Geologist.pdf
Handyman Worksheet Handyman.pdf
Naturalist Worksheet Naturalist.pdf
Outdoorsman Worksheet Outdoorsman.pdf
Readyman Worksheet Readyman.pdf
Scholar Worksheet Scholar.pdf
Scientist Worksheet Scientist.pdf
Showman Worksheet Showman.pdf
Sportsman Worksheet Sportsman.pdf
Traveler Worksheet Traveler.pdf


  • Right-click on a worksheet name to Save As... or Print it without viewing the worksheet on screen.
  • These new worksheets are up to ten times smaller than old worksheets and should load quickly.
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