Venturing Bronze Award

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Venturing Bronze Award has been discontinued. (See Discontinued awards.)

Upon completion of a bronze award, a medal is awarded with a miniature device that pins to the medal and a bar that is worn above the left pocket of the uniform for daily wear. Venturers may earn one or all five Venturing Bronze Awards.

The photo to the right shows the:

1. Venturing Bronze Award Medal shown with Sports, Religious and Community Life, Arts and Hobbies, Outdoor, and Sea Scout miniature device pins.
2. The Bronze Award ribbon devices worn above the left pocket of the uniform for daily wear:
a. Sports Bronze Award
b. Religious and Community Life Bronze Award
c. Arts and Hobbies Bronze Award
d. Outdoor Bronze Award
e. Sea Scout Bronze Award

Basic advancement

At least one bronze award is a prerequisite to earning the Venturing Gold Award and the Venturing Silver Award.

Expert-level awards

In addition, four of the five bronze awards fulfill partial requirements for Venturers continuing on and earning expert-level awards:

  • The Sports Bronze Award requirements are part of the Quest Award.
  • The Religious and Community Life Bronze Award part of the TRUST Award.
  • The Outdoor Bronze Award part of the Ranger Award.
  • The Sea Scout Bronze Award is a duplicate of the Sea Scout Ordinary rank requirements, and is necessary on the trail to earning the Quartermaster Award.


December 31, 2014 was the last day that a Venturer could earn any of the legacy Venturing awards (Bronze, Gold, Silver). See Map to Venturing brochure. The current award, which is roughly equivalent is called the Discovery Award.

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