Venturing Bronze Award

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[[Image:Vent_bronze_metal_all.jpg‎|thumb|Venturing Bronze Award. Bronze Award metal is pinned immediately above the seam of the left pocket; the ribbon devices are worn above the left pocket in a rack above any knots. 1.Bronze Award metal shown with Sports, Religious and Community Life, Arts and Hobbies, Outdoor, and Sea Scout miniature device pins. 2. The Bronze Award ribbon devices for daily uniform wear: a. Sports, b. Religious and Community Life, c. Arts and Hobbies, d. Outdoor, e. Sea Scout.

There are five bronze awards available to Venturers:

Upon completion of a bronze award, a metal is awarded with a miniature device that pins to the metal and a bar that is worn above the left pocket of the uniform for daily wear.

One bronze award is a prerequisite to earning the Venturing Gold Award and the Venturing Silver Award.

In addition, the Sports Bronze Award requirements are part of the Quest Award, as is the Religious and Community Life Bronze Award part of the TRUST Award, the Outdoor Bronze Award part of the Ranger Award, and the Sea Scout Bronze Award necessary for the Quartermaster Award.

Venturers may earn one or all five Venturing Bronze Awards.

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