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Venturing advancement diagram. Graphically displays the Silver Award path, expert-level award paths, the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award path, and the Eagle Scout trail for eligible males.
Venturing advancement diagram. Graphically displays the Silver Award path, expert-level award paths, the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award path, and the Eagle Scout trail for eligible males.

Advancement in Venturing is not a single, simple path like Boy Scouting advancement program. It contains a main branch of five bronze awards, the Gold Award, and the Silver Award, the highest award in Venturing. The program also offers "Expert-level" awards: the Ranger Award, the Quest Award, and the TRUST Award, all of which are expansions and 'sequels' to a particular bronze award. There is also an advancement path specifically for Sea Scouts which leads to its highest award, the Quartermaster Award.

Venturers may advance along the Boy Scout Eagle trail under certain conditions.


Venturing advancement

Venturers may earn the Bronze, Gold, or Silver awards. Criteria for these awards can be found in the Venturing Silver Award Guidebook. Venturers may earn any or all of the five different Bronze awards; however, only one is required for the Gold Award. The Gold and Silver awards require a crew review process.

Venturers may also earn the Ranger Award, TRUST Award and the Quest Award. These awards requires no crew review.

All work on all Venturing advancement must be completed prior to the young person's 21st birthday.

Source: Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures, #33088B, revised 1999

Basic advancement system

Bronze awards

There are five Bronze Awards. They can be earned in any order or concurrently, like merit badges in the Boy Scouting program. Three bronze (Outdoor, Religious and Community Life, and Sports) are part of an expert-level award, meaning three expert-level awards build from a bronze award. Arts and Hobbies Bronze Award is not part of an expert-level award; Sea Scout Bronze Award may lead to the Quartermaster Award, but the Venturer must be a member of a Sea Scout ship.

Earning one Bronze Award is required in order to earn the Gold Award.

Gold Award

Main article: Venturing Gold Award

Building upon lessons and skill learned in earning one or more bronze awards, the Gold Award is the construction and completion of personal goals. The gold Award is designed to recognize significant accomplishment in a Venturer's life as he or she has proven outstanding performance in a broad spectrum of activities.

Silver Award

Developing from the precepts of the Gold Award, the Silver Award is the highest advancement award in Venturing. The Silver Award focuses on the three principles of leadership, ethics, and emergency preparedness. Its purpose is to provide a pathway for personal development; encourage Venturers to learn, grow, and serve; and recognize the high level of achievement of Venturers who acquire Venturing skills.

Expert-level awards

Expert-level awards recognize Venturers who have attained in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of outdoorsmanship, religious and community life, or sports.

Ranger Award

Main article: Ranger Award

The Venturing Ranger Award builds directly on the Outdoor Bronze Award.

The purpose of the award is to encourage Venturers to achieve a high level of outdoor skills proficiency; recognize achievement of this high level of outdoor skills proficiency; provide a path for outdoor/high-adventure skills training; and establish Rangers as a highly trained leadership resource for crews, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the community.


Main article: TRUST Award

The Venturing TRUST Award builds directly on the Religious and Community Life Bronze Award.

This award focuses chiefly on the principles of religion, community, and tolerance. Its purpose is to provide a pathway for personal development in the forms of service and devotion to God. Once earned, the Venturer will be recognized as not only one who understands others, but who also looks out for them and their needs.

Quest Award

Main article: Quest Award

The Venturing Quest Award builds directly on the Sports Bronze Award.

It focuses on the traditions of sportsmanship and lifelong fitness. By teaching about non-traditional sports, this award allows Venturers to learn skills and fitness techniques they might never have a chance to encounter before.

Sea Scouting advancement

Sea Scout advancements are approved by the ship's quarterdeck. In the case of the Quartermaster Award, the application is reviewed by the ship's committee with a member of the district advancement committee as chairman. Since the Quartermaster award is a Venturing recognition, it may be earned by any young man or young woman registered as a Venturer up to his or her 21st birthday.

Source: Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures, #33088B, revised 1999

Boy Scouting Rank Advancement for Venturers

Scouts who earn the First Class rank while a registered member of a Boy Scout troop may elect to continue working toward Eagle as a registered member of the Boy Scout troop or a registered member of a Venturing crew, or while retaining dual membership in a Venturing Crew, or while retaining dual membership registration in both a troop/team and a Venturing crew. Whichever registration status a boy elects, both Scoutmaster and crew Advisor need to confirm which adult leader the boy plans to have oversee his advancement process toward the rank of Eagle. That selected leader needs too be fully cognizant of the 12 steps from Life to Eagle (see description in this manual), the timeline requirements of certain merit badgess required for Eagle (see the current edition of Boy Scout Requirements), and the requirements of the Eagle Scout leadership service project (see reference in this manual).

Position of responsibility requirements may be met by the Venturer serving as president vice president secretary, or treasurer in his crew, or as boatswain, boatswain's mate, yeoman, purser, or storekeeper in his ship.

The Scoutmaster conference will be conducted by the Advisor or Skipper.

As the Venturer meets the requirements for the Star and Life ranks, a board of review is conducted by the crew or ship committee. The Eagle board of review follows the procedure established by the local council.

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