Varsity Scout uniform insignia

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Varsity Scout Uniform
Varsity Scout Uniform
Varsity Scouts wear the official uniform of the Boy Scouts of America with Varsity Scout insignia including blaze-color epaulets (shoulder loops) and a Varsity Strip above the right pocket. The Varsity Scout jacket and the Varsity Scout headgear may be worn with the Varsity Scout uniform.

Uniform insignia


  • Epaulets (shoulder loops): blaze-color (orange).
  • Varsity Strip above right right pocket of official short-sleeve or long-sleeve uniform shirt.
  • Service Star: brown backing.


  • Varsity Scout jacket.
  • Varsity Scout headgear beret or cap.

Award insignia

  • Varsity Scout Letter, worn on right breast of jacket or bottom front of merit badge sash.
  • Denali Award, pinned on flap of left pocket during formal events.
  • Varsity device pin, worn on knot patches to signify Varsity Scouting participation such as the youth or adult religious award, Varsity Scout Leader Training Award, or the Varsity Coach Award of Merit.
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