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Would like to see "About" page moved to the Main namespace....

Optimist, I'd like to move the About page (as well as all of the policy pages) to the Main namespace, which, I could do, easily enough. But, what I can't do is change the pointers down in the footer. Would you be be willing to consider this? --RWSmith 15:00, April 16, 2007 (EDT)

Actually, that's the way the system came. I may be able to change them but the next upgrade might knock them right back to the way they are now. --Optimist 18:11, April 16, 2007 (EDT)
Eewww...okay. Nevermind. --RWSmith 20:05, April 16, 2007 (EDT)

Namespace Prefix (like a Shortcut) of MB: for MeritBadgeDotOrg:

What do you think? --RWSmith 2010, April 16, 2007 (EDT)

Sounds great :-) --Optimist 21:07, April 16, 2007 (EDT)
Know how? --RWSmith 09:50, April 17, 2007 (EDT)
It was your idea LOL --Optimist 12:51, April 17, 2007 (EDT)
Are you saying something like #REDIRECT [[Page]] {{R from shortcut}} -- Jay Lee 03:12, April 18, 2007 (EDT)
Well, I tried that; but, it didn't work. What I want to do is like this:
  • WP:Policy = Wikipedia:Policy
  • MB:Policy = MeritBadgeDotOrg:Policy
I want to the project namespace MeritBadgeDotOrg: to be transparently synonymous with MB:
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