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I see that you've undone a lot of what I did. Is there a reason that Mr. R's are being removed? And, is there a reason that the Worksheets page has been completely redone? I put a lot of time into that and it would have been courteous to have had some discussion over proposed changes. EagleForumFan 06:42, March 3, 2008 (EST)

Mr. R's content appears to not have been updated since 1997 to 2003. The requirements have changed since then. It appears Mr. R has not updated links in some time either and some are no longer valid. Many of the best links that are still functional have been added to directly. does offer the current requriements. Milominderbinder2

The reason for the updated worksheets is that the old worksheets were becoming desperately out of date as well. The BSA is updating as many as 22-26 merit badges a year and it had been a long time since the old worksheets were updated. Also, the spacing on the old worksheets did not allow enough room for younger Scouts to write. Plus the new worksheets include a wealth of links to online content. 59 include video lessons to teach skills. These tchanges were made with direction of the site moderators. Milominderbinder2

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