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District Award of Merit Distinguished Commissioner Award Silver Beaver
Commissioner Key Award Unit Leader Award of Merit - Cubmaster Cubmaster Award
Tiger Den Leader Award Cub Scout Leader Award Webelos Den Leader Award
God and Country Eagle Scout/Lifetime NESA Member Arrow of Light

I have been involved in Scouting for most of my life. I began as a Tiger Cub Scout and my mother was my Den leader and my father my Cubmaster. As an adult, I have served in and continue to serve in various Council (webmaster), District (District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, Unit Commissioner) and local (Cubmaster, Tiger Den Leader, Wolf Den Leader, Bear Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader) capacities.

After being a user for many months, I joined in February 2009 and have enjoy contributing to this site in an effort to repay others for the benefits that I have received.

—Lekhiket Nolemiwi Aptonagan

My son is a
Boy Scout.
This user is an
Assistant Scoutmaster.
This user is a Sysop for the MeritBadgeDotOrg website.
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