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# Ore-Ida Council (Boise, ID 83709)
# Ore-Ida Council (Boise, ID 83709)
British Columbia Councils
'''British Columbia Councils'''
# Cascadia Council
# Cascadia Council
# Pacific Coast Council
# Pacific Coast Council
# Fraser Valley Council
# Fraser Valley Council

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I am a den leader in Scappoose, Oregon, Pack 294. In 2012, my son graduated from tiger cubs to wolf cubs, and I graduated from tiger cub den leader to cub scout den leader.

I'm currently trying to collect patches from the following councils. Black text indicates patches that I would like to have. Please contact me if you want to trade patches.

Oregon Councils

  1. Cascade Pacific Council (Portland, OR 97201)
  2. Oregon Trail Council (Eugene, OR 97401)
  3. Crater Lake Council (Central Point, OR 97502)

Washington Councils

  1. Chief Seattle Council (Seattle, WA 98114)
  2. Mt Baker Counci (Everett, WA 98208)
  3. Pacific Harbors Council (Tacoma, WA 98405)
  4. Grand Columbia Council (Yakima, WA 98902)
  5. Inland Northwest Council (Spokane, WA 99201)
  6. Blue Mountain Council (Kennewick, WA 99336)

Idaho Councils

  1. Snake River Counci (Twin Falls, ID 83301)
  2. Grand Teton Council (Idaho Falls, ID 83401)
  3. Ore-Ida Council (Boise, ID 83709)

British Columbia Councils

  1. Cascadia Council
  2. Pacific Coast Council
  3. Fraser Valley Council
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