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The Troop Guide is there to help new boys become part of the troop. He may be assigned to instructing Tenderfoot Through First Class Skills. Patch Enlarge Patch

  1. Appointed By: Scoutmaster
  2. Reports to: Assistant Scoutmaster in charge of new boys
  3. Responsibilities:
    • Works with the patrol leader of new boys patrol in order to protect them from the abuse of the older experienced scouts
    • Guide new scouts to becoming part of the troop
    • Serves on the PLC
    • Set’s a good example
    • Enthusiastically wear’s the uniform correctly
    • Shows scout spirit
  4. Qualifications
    • First Class
    • Been SPL Before
  5. Fulfills:
    • Star - 5
    • Life - 5
    • Eagle – 4
    • Palm– 3
  6. Recommended
    • Attending Junior Leader Training run by Troop
  7. Term
    • Until the next election, removal, or will to change
    • Either 6 months or until a new troop guide can take his place, whichever is most perdent
  8. Notes


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