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{{:Unit liaison}}
{{:Unit liaison}}
{{:Basic BSA units}}
{{Basic BSA units}}

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A Boy Scout Troop Flag
A Boy Scout Troop Flag
Typical Boy Scout troop organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Boy Scout troop organization chart (click to zoom)

A Scout Troop is the standard group for Scouts and is composed of multiple patrols, and are supported by an adult Troop Committee.

Troops are usually expected to meet weekly, and go on outings monthly. They also hold Courts of Honor at least once a year; usually quarterly.


Youth members

The troop's youth are lead by the Senior Patrol Leader through the Patrol Leaders' Council.

Youth members of a Troop include:

Adult members

The troop's adult Scouters are divided into two branches:

Liaisons between a unit and the local District and Council

External links


The Troop is a registered "unit" with its local council. Other basic units are:

See also

Boy Scout portal


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