Totin' Chip

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Totin' Chip

The Totin' Chip
Level:Boy Scout, Varsity Scout


The Totin' Chip certification grants a Boy Scout the right to carry and use woods tools.

Totin' Chip requirements

The Scout must show his Scout leader, or someone designated by his leader, that he understands his responsibility to do the following:

  1. Read and understand woods tools use and safety rules from the Boy Scout Handbook.
  2. Demonstrate proper handling, care, and use of the pocket knife, ax, and saw.
  3. Use knife, ax, and saw as tools, not playthings.
  4. Respect all safety rules to protect others.
  5. Respect property. Cut living and dead trees only with permission and with good reason.
  6. Subscribe to the Outdoor Code.

The Scout's "Totin' Rights" can be taken from him if he fails in his responsibility.

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The Totin' Chip temporary patch
The Totin' Chip temporary patch

Scouts who earn the Totin' Chip are encouraged to then earn the Paul Bunyan Woodsman, which is an application of the skills learned in Totin' Chip.

Even though the patch is shaped like a pocket flap, wearing it on a pocket flap does not conform to uniform standards. Per the BSA:

The Totin' Chip patch is considered a 'Temporary Patch' and, if worn, should be worn centered on the RIGHT Pocket of the Boy Scout uniform shirt. It should NOT be sewn on a pocket flap.

Requirement resources

1. Boy Scout Handbook.
2. Knife - Ax and Saw.
3. Knife - Ax and Saw.
6. Outdoor Code.

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