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Many ships are supplementing the Venturing Code and Sea Promise with ship codes of their own, statements of ideals and conduct developed and approved by the ships' members. Each ship code is different and meets the needs of the individual members involved.


Contents of the Code

As you discuss and decide what goes into your ship code, keep in mind that in addition to supplementing the Sea Promise, your ship code should express

  • The means of upholding your ship's reputation and traditions
  • What the members consider important as a group
  • The reason for their association in the ship
  • Ideas that describe the ship's purpose
  • A standard or goal for self-improvement
  • A measure of performance or progress

Developing a Code

Everyone in the ship should share responsibilities in this project since everyone is expected to subscribe to the results. One way to develop a ship code is to devote an entire meeting to it. Brainstorm about what ought to go into it.

Following this discussion, the ship's petty officers or a committee appointed by the Skipper can put everyone's ideas into a form that can be considered, corrected, and approved by the membership.

Revising the Code

The ship code should be reconsidered and necessary revisions made at least once each year. A convenient way to schedule this is to make it a part of the annual ship charter renewal. However, a ship code may be revised as often as the majority of the members wish.

The Use of Your Ship Code

The ship code, like the Sea Promise, becomes a part of the admission ceremony. New members are asked to subscribe to it as they sign the ship's log to gain official membership.

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