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Boy Scout Tenderfoot rank requirement resources include the Tenderfoot rank Worksheet Adobe Acrobat PDF,
lesson videos showing Outdoor Skills, and First-Aid Skills plus Merit Badges, and Scout Awards links.
Troop resources include the Advancement Campout and monthly Troop Program Themes.

Tenderfoot Rank

Scout Badge
Second Class Rank



Worksheet A FREE workbook for Tenderfoot rank is available here! Adobe Acrobat PDF
with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need!
Or click here to print just the Tenderfoot rank requirements.
meritbadge.org has PDF and DOC versions of
Boy Scout merit badge workbooks, Webelos workbooks,
Cub Scout workbooks, and Nova Award workbooks.
  1. "The requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks may be worked on simultaneously; however, these ranks must be earned in sequence."
  2. Alternate Requirements for the Tenderfoot rank are available for Scouts with qualifying physical or mental disabilities.
  3. The Advancement Campout includes all of the camping, cooking, first aid, and hiking skills through First Class.
2010 Tenderfoot Badge.
2010 Tenderfoot Badge.

Requirement resources

1. BSA Video: Overnight camping gear TF1.m4v - Outdoor Checklists - Packing a Backpack - Clothing - Outdoor Gear - Footwear - Sleeping Bags - Sleeping Pads
2. BSA Video - Tent Setup
3. BSA Video - Cooking Skills - Backpacking Stoves
4. Knots: BSA Video - Whipping and Fusing - Taut-Line Hitch - Two Half Hitches

4.c. EDGE method
5. BSA Video - Hiking Skills - Navigation - Navigation Without a Compass
6. BSA Video - Flag Ceremonies
7. BSA Video - Scout Oath - Scout Law - Scout Motto - Scout Slogan
8. BSA Video - Patrol
9. BSA Video - Buddy System - BSA: Bullying Prevention and Intervention Tips for Scout Leaders and Parents
10. Fitness: BSA Video

Baseball - Basketball - Field Hockey - Football - Ice Hockey - Lacrosse - Soccer - Softball - Tennis - Volleyball
  • Unauthorized Sports: Boxing, Karate & "Related Martial Arts" (excepting judo, aikido, and tai chi), Parachuting, Motorized events (motorbikes, drag racing, speedboats), Paintball, Hunting, Parasailing, etc.

11-12. First Aid:
11. BSA Video - Poisonous Plants
12a. BSA Video - Choking
12b. BSA Video - Cuts and Scratches - Blisters - Burns - Bites and Stings - Snakebite - Nosebleed - Frostbite - Sunburn

13. BSA Video - What does Scout Spirit really mean? (It's not what you do in your troop!)
14. BSA Video - Scoutmaster Conference - Explains that you don't "pass" a Scoutmaster Conference and how to appeal.
15. BSA Video - Board of Review - What can they ask? How long can it be? Is the uniform really required? How do you appeal?

Boy Scout portal
Varsity Scout portal

Related Awards

1-5: Outdoor Skills Awards

Outdoor-related awards

10: Fitness is a great way to start Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Personal development-related awards

11-12: Emergency Preparedness Awards

Emergency Preparedness-related awards

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