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This template may be used only in accordance with MeritBadgeDotOrg's guide to deletion. Please do not use it when there are legitimate alternatives to deletion.

Applying this template

Two easy steps:

Step 1. Apply the {{Delete}} template at the top of the actual page you are nominating for deletion.
  • Note: Remember to make use of your edit summary... plainly state you applied the {{Delete}} template.
Step 2. State your request and reasons on the associated talk page. Make sure you apply a level 1 heading (see Help:Editing) titled Request for deletion at the top of your request.
  • Note: Again, make use of your edit summary... plainly state you are nominating the associated article for deletion (and briefly state why).
— If (for some odd reason) you need to nominate a talk page for deletion, simply apply steps 1 & 2 on the talk page itself. (Don't forget your edit summary.)

Removing this template

Once a User has applied this template and requested a page deletion (steps 1 & 2 above), only an administrator may remove the template.


Step 1. At the top of article foo, insert:


Step 2. Over on talk page for article foo, amend (at the bottom) as follows:

==Request for deletion==
I nominate article foo for deletion because it is redundant, not to mention nearly gibberish. ~~~~


Pages tagged with this template are automatically added to Category:Articles nominated for deletion and remain so until the template is removed, or the article is deleted.

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