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{{Basic BSA units}}
{{Basic BSA units}}
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[[Category:Varsity Scouts]]
[[Category:Varsity Scouts]]

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A Varsity Scout Team is the standard unit for Varsity Scouts and is composed of one or more squads, and are supported by an adult Team Committee.



Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)

The team is an entire Varsity Scout unit - youth members and adult leaders. Like a troop, a team may consist of as few as five boys and as many as 40 or more. The team captain conducts meetings and works with adult leaders to develop and carry out an effective program. Larger teams may be divided into Squads, groups much like a Boy Scout Patrol.

Between 1984 and 1989, Varsity Scouts were part of a Boy Scout troop, since 1989, a Varsity Scout team is a separate unit operated by a chartered organization. The chief operating officer of the organization which as been granted a charter by the BSA, appoints a Chartered Organization Representative who oversees the Varsity Scout team (and any other Scouting units such as a pack, troop or crew). The Team Committee is lead by the Team Committee Chair, and handles the administrative, fiscal management, and policy making of the team. The team committee is usually made up of parents of youth members; a committee member may also serve as a Program Adviser for one of the five fields of emphasis. The Varsity Team Coach and Assistant Team Coach are the youth-facing leaders and should have a friendly working relationship with the team committee.

Varsity teams are usually expected to meet weekly, and go on outings monthly. They also hold courts of honor at least once a year; usually quarterly.

Youth members

The team's youth are lead by the Team Captain and the Team Leadership council.

Youth members of a Team include:

Adult members

The team's adult Scouters are divided into two branches:

Liaisons between a unit and the local District and Council

External links


The Team is a "unit" registered with its local BSA council and chartered to a "chartered organization." Other types of units are:

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