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|style="border-right: solid #000000 1px; vertical-align: top"|Big event
|style="border-right: solid #000000 1px; vertical-align: top"|Big event
|style="border-right: solid #000000 1px; vertical-align: top"|Ultimate adventure
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|style="vertical-align: top"|Rendezvous, regatta

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The use of standard terminology applies across BSA programs when there exists parallel organization structures, activities and methods. In essence, separate programs use different names to mean the same thing. When appearing in handbooks and other communications, standard terms often may be substituted for the distinctive title used by each different program. For example, issued guidelines for a Roundtable meeting can be applied to a Varsity Huddle or a Venturing Forum or a Sea Scout Wardroom.


Relevance to BSA programs

Standard terms are particularly relevant between Boy Scouting and Varsity Scouting, and between Venturing and Sea Scouting:

Standard Venturing terminology is used universally by the Boy Scouts of America for both Venturing crews and Sea Scout ships. This is necessary in publications and training manuals that encompass all of Venturing....All Venturing crews (including Sea Scout ships) have the option of using distinctive titles related to their specialized program.
— Sea Scout Manual, pg. 7, #33239C © 2002, 2004 Printing
While the terminology differs, a Varsity Scout team is organized along similar lines as a Boy Scout troop. Many Varsity Scouts have been members of Scout troops and know the structure of BSA units.
— Varsity Scout Guidebook, pg. 19, #34827A © 2000 Edition

In some cases of standard terminology, methods may be parallel but the aims have differences between programs -- for example the team system method used in Boy Scouting differs in aims compared to Venturing. In other cases standard terminology parallels do not apply to all four programs -- for example assistant patrol leaders have no equivalencies in Varsity Scouting and Venturing.

List of standard terminology

A comparison of standard terminology parallels in Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Venturing, and Sea Scouting
Unit Boy Scout troop Varsity Scout team Venturing crew Sea Scout ship
Youth member Boy Scout Varsity Scout Venturer Sea Scout
Direct-contact adult leader Scoutmaster Team coach Advisor Skipper
Assistant adult leader Assistant scoutmaster Assistant coach Associate advisor Mate
Leader specific training Boy Scout Leader Specific Training Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training Venturing Leader Specific Training Venturing Leader Specific Training
Youth protection guidelines Youth Protection Training Youth Protection Training Venturing Youth Protection Training Venturing Youth Protection Training
Team system Patrol method Squad method Group activities Group activities
Youth leader training Troop Leadership Training Team Leaders' Training Seminar Crew Officer's Briefing Quarterdeck Training
Youth leader group Patrol leaders' council Team leadership Crew officers Petty officers
Unit program planning meeting Patrol leaders' council meeting Team leader meeting Crew officers' seminar Quarterdeck meeting
Top youth leader Senior patrol leader Captain President Boatswain
Second youth leader Assistant senior patrol leader Cocaptain Vice president Boatswain's mate
Youth secretary Scribe Team secretary Secretary Yeoman
Youth sub-group leader Patrol leader Squad leader -- Crew leader
Second sub-group leader Assistant patrol leader -- -- Assistant crew leader
Youth financial position Scribe Team secretary Treasurer Purser
Youth equipment position Quartermaster Quartermaster (equipment manager) Crew quartermaster Storekeeper
Youth new-member mentor Troop guide -- Crew guide --
Youth skill instructor position Instructor Instructor -- Specialist
Program scope 36 troop program features,
28 venture patrol program features
5 fields of emphasis 6 experience areas, crew specialty 19 special skills
Youth program planners Patrol leader's council (troop)
Venture patrol leader (venture patrol)
Program managers Activity chairs Crew leaders and activity chairs
Program highlight Big event Ultimate adventure Superactivity Rendezvous, regatta
Adult leader youth review Scoutmaster Conference Coach's Conference --
Youth review meeting Board of review Progress review Crew review Board of review
Awards ceremony Court of honor Court of honor Recognition ceremony Bridge of honor
Highest youth award Eagle Scout Denali Award Silver Award Quartermaster Award
Adult leader closing portion of meeting plan Scoutmaster's Minute Coach's Corner -- --
Council unit leaders' meeting Roundtable Varsity Huddle Venturing Forum Wardroom
Adult unit committee Troop committee Team committee Crew committee Ship committee
Multiple units committee District District District Division
Local council Council Council Council Squadron
Area committee Area Area Area Flotilla
Regional committee Region Region Region Fleet

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