Silver Antelope Award

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The Silver Antelope Award is for outstanding service to youth at the regional level. Other
Awards are presented for service at the District, Council, Regional, National, and World level.

Silver Antelope Award

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Level:Adult Scouters

First awarded in 1943, the Silver Antelope Award is presented for outstanding service to youth within one of the four regions of the BSA. The criteria are similar to those for the Silver Buffalo, with one major difference: A recipient must be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America. The awards are presented in connection with regional meetings or at other public functions within the region. The National Court of Honor bestows Silver Antelope Awards on the basis of the number of registered volunteers in a region.

The Silver Antelope Award is the regional distinguished service award and recognizes volunteers who have made a SIGNIFICANT contribution to the Scouting program at a Regional or Area level. There are no tenure requirements, but the competition is heavy and usually there is only one presented per Area. The committee usually looks for several years of service within one of the four regions of the BSA. The award is made by the National Court of Honor.



The award consists of a silver antelope suspended from a white and yellow ribbon worn around the neck. Recipients may wear the corresponding square knot, with a white strand over a yellow strand, on the BSA uniform.


The award was created in 1942 and first issued in 1943. A yellow-white-yellow ribbon bar was used for informal uniform wear until 1946, when ribbon bars were replaced by the current knot insignia


The Silver Antelope Award is not earned but awarded based upon nomination.

Distinguished Service Awards

The Boy Scouts of America recognizes the need to acknowledge the invaluable services that men and women render to youth. Of the millions of registered adult volunteers in Scouting, only a select few are presented distinguished service awards at these level:


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