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The four Sea Scout ranks
The four Sea Scout ranks

Sea Scout advancement consists of Apprentice , Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster. The first rank of Apprentice shows basic marlinspike seamanship skills and water knowledge. To earn Ordinary, the Sea Scout must know how to box a compass, must demonstrate leadership qualities, complete requirements relating to drill, sailing, and engines and complete a tenure of one year in Sea Scouting. For the Able rank, the Sea Scout must demonstrate a complete knowledge of the water, earn the Lifesaving merit badge and must and be able to command fellow Sea Scouts.

The Quartermaster Award is the highest rank attainable by a Sea Scout can earn and is equivalent to Eagle Scout. The Sea Scout must attend at least two thirds of all ship meetings over eighteen months, demonstrate marlinspike seamanship and leadership skills, demonstrate the ability to teach Sea Scouting, complete a community service project and pass a council level board of review. The Quartermaster emblem is a medal consisting of the Sea Scout emblem on a ship's wheel that is suspended from a solid dark blue ribbon that is in turn suspended from a bar bearing the design of a double carrick bend knot.

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