Sea Scout Bronze Award

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Sea Scout Bronze Award

1. Medal with Sea Scout device pin.
2. Sea Scout ribbon device.

Requirements for Sea Scout Bronze Award are the same as for Sea Scout Ordinary rank. For more detailed listing of these requirements, see Ordinary rank.

The Bronze Award medal is pinned immediately above the seam of the left pocket; the ribbon device is worn above the left pocket in a rack above any knots.

Sea Scout Bronze Award requirements

To earn the Sea Scout Bronze Award, complete the following requirements. Details on these requirements can be found in the Sea Scout Manual.

1. Give explanation
2. History of flag
Active Membership
3. Seventy-five percent attendance
4. Complete quarterdeck training
5. Recruit new member
Special Skills
6. Boats
7. Marlinspike seamanship
8. Ground tackle
9. Piloting
10. Communications
11. Time
12. Swimming
14. Safety
15. Galley
16. Sailing
17. Work
18. Electives. Do any three:
a. Drill
b. Signaling
c. Compass
d. Yacht racing
e. Sailing
f. Ornamental ropework
g. Engines

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