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<!-- use this format: * [ description] -->
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* [ Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)]
* [ Discover Scuba Diving]
* [ National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)]
* [ International Diving Educators Association (IDEA)]
* [ Professional Diving Instructors Corporation (PDIC)]
* [ Schools International (SSI)]
* [ Discover Magazine]
* [ Discovery Channel]
* [ Nat. Geographic Society]

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Scuba Diving merit badge
Status: Elective
Created: 2009
Discontinued: no
BSA Advancement ID:
Requirements revision: 2009
Latest pamphlet revision: 2009


Scuba Diving requirements

  1. Do the following:
    a.Show that you know first aid for injuries or illnesses that could occur while scuba diving, including hypothermia, hyperventilation, squeezes, decompression illness, nitrogen narcosis, motion sickness, fatigue, overexertion, heat reactions, dehydration, injuries by aquatic life, and cuts and scrapes.
    b.Identify the conditions that must exist before performing CPR on a person, and explain how to recognize such conditions. Demonstrate the proper technique for performing CPR using a training device approved by your counselor.
  2. Before completing requirements 3 through 6, earn the Swimming merit badge.
  3. Discuss the Scuba Diver’s Code with your merit badge counselor, and explain the importance of each guideline to a scuba diver’s safety.
  4. Earn an Open Water Diver Certification from a scuba organization recognized by the Boy Scouts of America scuba policy.
  5. Explain what an ecosystem is, and describe four aquatic ecosystems a diver might experience.
  6. Find out about three career opportunities in the scuba industry. Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.

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Requirement resources

First Aid
1a. Hypothermia, Hyperventilation, Squeezes, Decompression Illness, Nitrogen Narcosis, Motion Sickness, Fatigue, Overexertion, Heat Reactions, Dehydration, injuries by aquatic life, and Cuts and Scrapes
1b. CPR

2. Swimming

3. Boy Scouts of America Scuba Diver's Code:

A Scout:
-Maintains good mental and physical fitness for scuba diving.
-Keeps his dive skills sharp through continuing education.
-Seeks professional orientation prior to diving at unfamiliar dive locations.
-Adheres to the buddy system throughout every dive.
-Uses complete, well-maintained, and reliable equipment with which he is familiar.
-Always dives no deeper than the recommended depth for his certification level and experience.
-Always follows the time limits listed by the special dive tables or a dive computer for a particular depth.
-Is a S.A.F.E. diver (Slowly Ascends From Every dive) and makes a safety stop at 15 feet for three minutes at the end of each dive prior to surfacing.
- Breathes properly while diving, never holding his breath or skipping breathing.
-Knows and obeys local diving laws and regulations, including fish and game laws and dive-flag laws.
-Understands and respects aquatic life, considers how his interactions affects it, and dives carefully to protect fragile aquatic ecosystems.

4. See the Note to Counselor
5 Ecology

6 Career opportunities in the scuba industry:

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