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{{Record-keeping Youth Leader Equivalents}}
{{Record-keeping Youth Leader Equivalents}}
{{Financial Youth Leader Equivalents}}
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Serving as Scribe can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirements for Star, Life, and Eagle.
Selected by:Senior Patrol Leader
Reports to:Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

The Scribe keeps the troop records. He records the activities of the patrol leaders’ council and keeps a record of dues, advancement, and Scout attendance at troop meetings.



  • Attends and keeps a log of patrol leaders’ council meetings.
  • Records individual Scout attendance and dues payments.
  • Records individual Scout advancement progress.
  • Work with the troop committee member responsible for records and finance.
  • Sets a good example.
  • Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts).
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Shows Scout spirit


The Scribe is the record-keeping youth leader in its unit. Other record-keeping youth leaders are:

The Scribe is the financial youth officer in its unit. Other financial youth officers are:

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