Scout Boating Code

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As a Scout and boater

I will do my best to maintain my boat and its equipment in a seamanlike manner and operate my boat safely not only for myself and passengers, but for all others.
I will keep my boat clean at all times, inside and out: the bilges free of water and dirt, the waterline and bottom free of marine growths, topsides free of marks and damage, and the cockpit and decks free of loose gear.
I will practice Safety Afloat by
  • Carrying a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) for each person on board and by requiring all persons wear PFDs when afloat
  • Carrying a Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher when required and knowing how to use it and maintain it
  • Never allowing anyone to stand in the boat or to change seats until all onboard are alerted
  • Being alert to weather conditions and changes and by heading for shelter when storms threaten
  • Avoiding a wake of larger craft or crossing one at an unsafe angle
  • Never navigating the boat through swimming areas or moving at unreasonable speeds through crowded anchorages
  • Carefully observing the rules of the road in both letter and spirit
I will be considerate and courteous by
  • Operating the boat in accordance with my responsibilities as a helmsman and with consideration for the comfort and safety of others
  • Rendering assistance promptly to those in the trouble or distress and in all respects being faithful to the customs and traditions of the sea
  • Never throwing garbage, rubbish, or other waste material overboard at any time
I will learn the boating laws of my locality and will do my best to obey them at all times.
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