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Ranks in the Scouting program signify experience and knowledge. Some have tenure requirements, while others have no set time frame.


Cub Scout advancement

The Arrow of Light is the only award that a Cub Scout "carries over" into the Boy Scout program; it also can be worn as an adult via a square knot emblem.

Boy Scout advancement

Eagle Palms are not advancement levels like other ranks; they are recognition for further service, growth, and tenure in the Scouting program.

Notes on Varsity Scout and Venturing advancement

See also: Rank Advancement for Venturers

1. The Boy Scout requirements for advancement shall be the basis for Varsity Scout advancement.

2. A Male Venturer who has achieved First Class rank as a Boy Scout in a troop or as a Varsity Scout in a team may continue working toward the Eagle Award while a Venturer until his 18th birthday. There is no Venturing advancement route to qualify for the Eagle Award.

  • Sea Scouts are part of the Venturing program so this rule also applies to Sea Scouts.

3. With the exception of Sea Scouts, BSA, there are no ranks in the Venturing program.

Sea Scout advancement

Apprentice rank

Ordinary rank

Able rank

Quartermaster Award

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