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Photography merit badge
Status: Elective
Created: 1911
Discontinued: no
BSA Advancement ID:
Requirements revision: 2006
Latest pamphlet revision: 2005


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Merit badge requirements

1. Explain how the following elements and terms affect the quality of a picture:
a. Light-natural light/ambient, flash
b. Exposure-aperture (f-stops), shutter speed, depth of field
c. Composition-rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, depth
d. Angle of view
e. Stopping action
2. Explain the basic parts and operation of a film camera or digital camera. Explain how an exposure is made when you take a picture.
3. Discuss with your counselor the differences between a film camera and a digital camera. List at least five advantages and five disadvantages of using a digital camera versus using a film camera.
4. Do ONE of the following:
a. Produce a picture story using the photojournalistic technique of documenting an event. Share your plan with your counselor and get your counselor's input and approval before you proceed. Then, using either a film camera or a digital camera, produce your approved picture story. Process your images and select eight to 12 images that best tell your story. Arrange your images in order, then mount the prints on a poster board. If you are using digital images, you may create a slide show on your computer or produce printouts for your poster board. Share your picture story with your counselor.
b. Choose a topic that interests you to photograph for an exhibit or display. Get your counselor's approval, then photograph (digital or film) your topic. Process your images. Choose 20 of your favorite images and mount them on poster board. Share your display with your counselor. If you are using digital images, you may create a slide show on your computer or produce printouts for your poster board.
5. Discuss with your counselor the career opportunities in photography. Pick one that interests you and explain how to prepare for such a career. Discuss with your counselor the education and training such a career would require.

Source: 2007 Boy Scout Requirements (33215)


Help with these requirements

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