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Pack Trainer Award

Pack Trainer Award Knot
Level:Pack Trainers

Recognition awards are available to Cub Scout leaders who complete training, tenure, and performance requirements. These awards are presented by the local council. All of the awards require the completion of Fast Start Training, Basic Leader Training for the position, Youth Protection training, and participation in roundtables or a pow wow or University of Scouting. Some require additional supplemental training. One or two years of registered service in the appropriate position is a requirement for each award, and tenure used for one award may not be used for another.


Pack Trainer Award Requirements


  • Complete two years as a registered Pack Trainer.


  • Complete Fast Start Training for the Pack Committee.
  • Complete New Leader Essentials and be familiar with and able to explain the key elements of Leader Specific Training for all volunteer positions in the pack.
  • Complete Youth Protection Training.
  • Participate in a trainer development conference.


  • Participate in a Cub Scout leader pow wow or University of Scouting during each year of tenure for this award.
  • Have Cub Scout Roundtable staff certify your attendance for at least 30% of the roundtables during each year of your tenure for this award.
  • Attain 100% trained leadership within the pack for the committee chairman, Cubmaster and all the den leaders.
  • Have a working plan in place for delivering Fast Start Training to new leaders within 48 hours of their joining your pack.
  • Have a working plan in place for helping leaders who have not taken basic Training to attend New Leader Essentials and leader specific Training.
  • Keep and update Training records of all leaders in your pack.
  • During the pack annual program planning meeting, be available to answer questions about Training courses.
  • Review ongoing pack leadership Training status and provide leaders with updates on any available supplemental Training.

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