National Honor Patrol Award

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|name= National Honor Patrol Award
|name= National Honor Patrol Award
|image = Honorpatrol.gif
|image = Honorpatrol.gif
|imagesize = 150px
|caption = The National Honor Patrol Award<br>is worn beneath the patrol medallion.
|caption = The National Honor Patrol Award<br>is worn beneath the patrol medallion.
|created =
|created =

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National Honor Patrol Award

The National Honor Patrol Award
is worn beneath the patrol medallion.
Level:Boy Scout patrol, Varsity Scout squad

The National Honor Patrol Award is given to patrols (or squads) whose members make an extra effort to have the best patrol possible.


National Honor Patrol Award requirements

Your patrol can earn the award by doing the following over a period of three months:

  • Have a patrol name, flag, and yell. Put your patrol design on equipment and use your patrol yell. Keep patrol records up to date.
  • Hold two patrol meetings every month.
  • Take part in at least one hike, outdoor activity, or other scouting event.
  • Complete two good turns or service projects approved by the patrol leaders' council.
  • Help two patrol members advance one rank.
  • Wear the full uniform correctly (at least 75 percent of the patrol's membership).
  • Have a representative attend at least three patrol leaders' council meetings.
  • Have eight members in the patrol or increase patrol memberships over the previous three months.

The National Honor Patrol Award is an embroidered star worn beneath the patrol medallion, and will spotlight a patrol as a high-standard group. Help your patrol become a National Honor Patrol.

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This award was once known as the "Baden-Powell Patrol Award."

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